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EtOH Spiritus


EtOH Spirits

"We are changing the physicochemical state of whiskies".

In 2017, EtOH was founded by Tobias Emil Jensen with the desire to create the future of whisky: Craftsmanship and science in Single Malt.

What makes EtOH special is that the distillery employs a unique and scientific approach, contributing to the creation of a Single Malt in fourteen days, but with a quality comparable to a fourteen-year-old whisky, without the use of flavor extracts or synthetic elements.

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  • EtOH Been Apart
    Item no.: 222277775544-963

    EtOH Been Apart - Danish design spirits from EtOHCombining cutting-edge food technology with craftsmanship, this unique EtOH Been Apart Pure Malt at 42% has been created in just 7 days. Been Apart is the second release from the distillery and is a tribute to all things French. This hazy spirit is full-bodied yet sleek and in its simplicity reflects the calm before the storm. Inspired by Bonaparte's rebelliousness, toasted baguettes, the cheeky Moulin Rouge and sophisticated French wines. The French identity is handed down to the spirit via maturation in a combination of the finest brandy casks from Burgundy and Rivesaltes Vins doux naturels. Been Apart is developed on råsprit that has matured for three years, providing a rich flavour and a unique combination of both natural and technologically accelerated maturation. This captivating spirit offers a spicy flavor with underlying oak notes. Distillery: EtOH Spirits Name: Been Apart Age: 7 days old Type: Pure Malt Number of bottles: pcs. 70 cl Alc. strength: 42% Other: It is not whisky.
    • 1pcs.
  • Front page of EtOH Endevaour 12 days old Pure Malt
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-1972566

    Danish design spirits from EtOHBy combining cutting-edge food technology with craftsmanship, this unique Endevaour Pure Malt was created in just 12 days. Endeavor is the first release from the distillery and is actually named after the Royal Navy research vessel that James Cook commanded to Australia and New Zealand on his first voyage of discovery. Similarly, EtOH embark on their own explorations. Colour: Amber Scent: Vanilla, candied ginger and spicy oak. Tasting notes: Lovely smooth flavours of caramel, butterscotch, dried figs, red berries and sizzling spices. The finish is long, lingering and warm. Distillery: EtOH Spirits Name: Endeavour Age: 12 days old Type: Pure Malt Number of bottles: 356 pcs. 70 cl Alc. strength: 46% Other: This is not whisky.
    • 1pcs.