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Angostura Rum


Angostura Rum

Angostura is one of the Caribbean’s leading rum producers with a superb collection of rum brands and is the world’s market leader for bitters. These include: rum brands like Angostura® 1824, Angostura® 1787, Angostura® 1919, Angostura® 7 year old rum, Angostura® 5 year old, Angostura® Reserva, Angostura® Single Barrel, White Oak, Forres Park Puncheon, Fernandes Black Label, Royal Oak, and the Angostura® AMARO, Angostura® orange bitters, Angostura® aromatic bitters and a signature beverage Angostura® Lemon Lime and Bitters. Angostura® aromatic bitters has not been changed since the first bottle was introduced to the world in 1824.

Besides being a Royal Warrant holder to the Queen of England for its Angostura® aromatic bitters, the company has successfully marketed its iconic bitters globally and has a geographic reach into 170 markets.

Many of our brands have been around for generations in Trinidad and Tobago, our core rum market. Angostura’s international rums have won gold medals at many international competitions in the past decade and have been named ‘the world’s most awarded rum range’ by the Rum Masters.
  • Angostura 15 years 1787 Premium Caribbean Trinidad Rum 70 cl 40%
    Item no.: 22227865407-7017
    Distillery: Angostura 1787 Age: 15 years Type: Rum Trinidad Alc. strength: 40% 70 cl. Other: Angostura 1787 was created to celebrate the year Trinidad got its first sugar mill and began producing rum in earnest. Soon, a whole world was addicted to the beautiful drink. AngosturaMaster Blender John Georges has put together an exclusive blend of rums that have been aged in oak for a minimum of 15 years.
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  • Angostura 1824 Hand-Casked Premium 12 years Caribbean Trinidad Rum 70 cl 40%
    Item no.: 22227865407-5
    Angostura 1824Angostura's Master Blender creates this exceptional rum by hand: a blend of the finest matured rums is filled with the utmost care into charred oak barrels and aged for at least 12 years. The color is beautifully dark, the texture soft as silk, the body rich, the taste almost sensual with full-bodied notes of sweet molasses, vanilla, honey, spices and cognac. An unsurpassed rum for the discerning connoisseur. MASTER in the category Premium Rums, Rum Masters 2011
    • 1pcs.
  • Angostura 1919 Caribbean Trinidad 8 years old Rum 70 cl 40%
    Item no.: 22227865407-2
    This world-famous premium rum is a blend of light and strong molasses-based rum distillates aged for a minimum of 8 years. A number of the world's most recognized independent experts rank "1919" among the Caribbean's absolute best aged rums. The taste is extremely smooth and well-rounded with rich notes of cocoa, molasses, caramel and vanilla. Gold Medal in the Premium Rums category, Rum Masters 2011
    • 1pcs.
  • Angostura 5 years Gold Premium Caribbean Trinidad Rum 70 cl 40%
    Item no.: 22227865407-316
    Angostura 5 Years Gold Rum Premium Caribbean Trinidad Rum 40%Angostura Superior Gold Rum is a silky smooth blend of light and strong rum distillates from Angosturas, aged for 5 years and then lightly filtered through charcoal.

    The taste offers incredible notes of burnt caramel, vanilla and apple. Perfect to drink on its own, but also suitable in a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.

    Distillery: Angostura 5 Year Gold Rum Name: Superior Gold Rum Country Trinidad and Tobago Age: 5 years Type: Rum Carib Rum Alc. strength: 40 % 70 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Angostura 7 years Caribbean Trinidad Rum 70 cl 40%
    Item no.: 22227865407-4
    Distillery: Angostura 7 years Age: NA Type: Rum Trinidad Alc. strength: 40% 70 cl. Other: A wonderfully smooth blend of light, medium and strong rum distillates from Angostura's column still, matured for 7 years in new oak casks. The taste is intense and well-balanced. The golden rum should be enjoyed unblended: give it 1 minute of silence in the glass and the noble origins of the rum will come to the fore! MASTER in the category Gold Rums up to Seven Years, Rum Masters 2011
    • 1pcs.
  • Angostura Reserva White Premium Caribbean Trinidad Rum 70 cl 37,5%.
    Item no.: 22227865407-315
    Distillery: Angostura Reserva White Rum Age: NA Type: White Rum Trinidad Alc. strength: 37.5% 70 cl. Other: Super smooth, light white rum, matured for up to 3 years in American Bourbon barrels and then double filtered through charcoal to remove impurities and the golden color obtained from barrel aging. There are tropical fruits, bananas and coconut in the taste. Great for long drinks and cocktails, but this fine rum can be enjoyed on its own or with ice.
    • 1pcs.