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American Whiskey

Bourbon, Rye, Tennessee

Here you can see an overview of our American whiskeys. Here at we are wild about American whiskeys, and we have only the best selection for you.

American whiskey is produced with a minimum of 51% corn, as it is a plentiful crop in the US. American whiskey production began in the northern states and was introduced to the US by Scottish and Irish immigrants. Later, production moved south to Kentucky and Tennessee, two states well-known today for their whiskey production. Bourbon is especially recognized as a product of Kentucky, while a brand like Jack Daniels is the most famous Tennessee whiskey. There are several types of American whiskey, of which these three types are the most common - all of which you can find here at By clicking on the categories below, you can discover our wide assortment of whiskeys. If you're more interested in smokey/peaty whiskeys, you can find them here.