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Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee Whisky

Tennessee Whisky, along with both Bourbon Whisky and Rye Whisky, is one of the three branches of American whisky.

Tennessee whisky is, as its name suggests, whisky produced in southern Tennessee. The similarity between Tennessee whisky and bourbon is so great that a number of trade agreements over time have clarified Tennessee whisky to be a bourbon, which manufacturers have strongly opposed. The differences between the two types of whisky are incredibly small, but one of the crucial differences is that Tennessee whisky should not be filtered directly after it has been distilled. In addition, it has to be filtered maple charcoal, which helps to give these whiskies their very special special smoked but sweet flavor.

Tennessee - The home of Jack Daniels

The most well-known of the many Tennessee whiskies is arguably the legendary brand Jack Daniels, which has been one of the most popular whiskies for many years - both to enjoy 'neat' or as a a Jack & Coke. However, Jack Daniels is far from the only Tennessee whisky. We also have a great selection of the highly acclaimed brand George Dickel! So whatever you like, you will find it here!

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At we have assembled a large and powerful selection of delicious American whiskies, so whether you are a seasoned whisky connoisseur or completely green, we certainly have something to suit your taste. We always strive to have the largest and best selection of all kinds of whiskies in Denmark.

Our business is based on many years of passion for whisky, so if you are unsure which whisky to choose for a particular occasion or person, don't hesitate to contact us!

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