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A. Michler Rum

A. Michler Rum

Albert Michler Rum use only “pure Jamaican & Trinidad molasses” and is produced from continuous and pot still distillation and is then matured for up to two years in white oak barrels.

The white & overproof rum is commonly used in mixed drinks. It is also a common cooking ingredient in a variety of both sweet and savory recipes. The dark rum is a blend of high ester pot still rums from Jamaica – Hampden Distillers in Jamaica and New Yarmouth in Jamaica, aged in American and French oak barrels. Rum requires a minimum of 5 years aging, is a blend of Rums which can be aged upwards of 25 years. However, the amount of substantially aged Rum in a blend is almost always very small. Take it for what it is… a rum intended for mixing. Good for tropical drinks, boat drinks, colas – just as you like rum.