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Villa Conchi Cava

Villa Conchi Cava

The challenge of positioning Spanish wines in the premium sector of international markets began around 1993.

Javier Ruiz de Galarreta was convinced that high-end family wineries had great potential in export markets. This led him to set up a combined export company for a number of high-end estates in the Rioja Alavesa and other major Spanish wine-producing regions.

Twenty years later, it’s a resounding success. True to his original vision, Javier Galarreta carefully selected excellent vineyards and modern facilities to produce a "different" Cava Since 2009, he has been travelling throughout Catalonia to find partners able to produce an elegant and fresh sparkling wine. In the heart of Penedès, he discovered the vineyards he was looking for to make this style of wine.

Javier's mother, Conchi, passed away in July 2010 while he was searching for this Cava, she never had the chance to taste and enjoy her son's latest achievement. Villa Conchi is not only a modern and elegant Cava that showcases what Spain has to offer; it is also a tribute to a woman who always inspired elegance and sophistication.