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1724 Tonic

1724 Tonic

What is 1724 Tonic Water exactly? One could think that the brand name hints at its founding year. However, the number 1724 stands for the height at which the quinine bark necessary for the production of 1724 Tonic is acquired. It originates from the Andes near the mythical Inca trail, more precisely from Patagonia. This is where the brand gets the purest water in the world for its product. The mix of the water with the quinine results in a fizzy premium drink that excels in exuding wonderful aromas in the most favourable way. Distinctly fruity accents of tangerine bring the tenderly bitter notes in order. This way, people who are not as fond of tart flavours as your typical tonic water enthusiast will rejoice at the taste of 1724 Tonic Water.