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Mr. Bitter Liqueur


Mr. Bitter Liqueur

Mr. Bitter Gritz Danish liqueur 70 cl 11% - Try it with soda and prosecco

The Classic Aperitif is combined with a sensational new taste and colour and the flavour is fresh. Perfekt for cocktails.

• Produced by: MODAVI
• Navn: Gritz
• Land: Danmark
• Type: Aperitif, liqueur
• Alc. strength: 11%
• 70 cl.
  • Mr. Bitter Gritz Danish liqueur 70 cl and 11 alcohol procent
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-19639
    Mr. Bitter Gritz Dansk Likør 70 cl 11% Gritz, which stands for Green Spritz, is a Danish-produced likør with a taste of summer that clearly consists of grape, citrus and bergamot. The spritz has a beautiful and clear green color, which is extracted from the bergamot fruit, giving various cocktails a summery and festive color. Gritz can be mixed with most things, but try it in the classic Aperitif cocktail or in the Williams Gritz Shake. Find the recipe on our blog - Manufacturer: Mr. Bitter- Name: Gritz - Country: Denmark, Bornholm - Type: Spritz, likør- Alc. strength: 11% - 70 cl. - Other: The sugar content is far less than other spritz on the market.
    • 1pcs.