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Roadhouse Moonshine


Roadhouse Moonshine from Knaplund Distillery

Introducing the Roadhouse Moonshine Series from Knaplund Distillery, a celebration of Danish craftsmanship and distilling heritage. Crafted with meticulous care in Jutland, each batch embodies the essence of Nordic spirit. Explore a range that blends tradition with innovation, delivering distinct flavors and quality. Discover the allure of Knaplund Distillery's Roadhouse Moonshine Series, where every sip reflects centuries of passion and expertise in each bottle.
  • Booze Oak Salty Caramel Moonshine Grain Spirit 70 cl 22
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197280181
    Booze Oak Salty Caramel Moonshine Grain Spirit 70 cl 22% Moonshine has come out of the woods and into people's living rooms. It is characterized as a clear unaged whiskey, but with a rebel in it. It's the whiskey's little brother, which isn't subject to as strict rules as its big brother and is more playful.

    This Moonshine, which has been aged in American white oak just like whiskey. And it has the notes and the color. It just hasn't been aged for 3 years. Drink it cold as a likør with a cup of coffee as an alternative to the classic liqueurs. Try pouring some over ice cream, pancakes or use it in a whipped cream in a layer cake. You'll be surprised how delicious Moonshine is - and how quickly a bottle like this can disappear. Distillery: Knaplund Distillery Name: Booze Salty Caramel Age: NA Type: Moonshine Alc. strength: 22% 70 cl. Other: Salty caramel flavor
    • 1pcs.