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Black Cow Vodka


Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow Vodka is a brand of vodka manufactured in West Dorset, United Kingdom. It was invented by Jason Barber, a dairy farmer from West Dorset. The vodka is made using whey, a byproduct of cheesemaking. The brand had three adverts banned in 2017. One was a shot for shot parody of "Accrington Stanley, Who Are They?" milk advert, featuring the same older actor.
  • Black Cow Miniature England Pure Milk Vodka 5 cl 40%
    Item no.: 22227865479-8249
    Distillery: Black Cow
    Age: NA
    Type: English Vodka of milk
    Alc. strength: 40%
    5 cl.
    Other: Made from 100% milk from Dorset, England
    • 1pcs.
  • Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka England 70 cl 40%
    Item no.: 22227865479-8248
    Black Cow Pure Milk England 70 cl 40% is made from 1005 delicious English milk from the town of Dorset in England. Distillery: Type: English of milk Alc. strength: 40% 70 cl. Other: Made from 100% milk from Dorset in England Vodka

    Black Cow vodka

    Black Cow Vodka

    • 1pcs.