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Galvanina Tonic


Galvanina Tonic

Galvanina is just the latest Italian export tonic water. Designed to be the world’s first truly organic tonic water, Galvanina Tonic Water features Rwanda-sourced cinchona and three kinds of citrus: local Sicilian grown lemons and oranges, and Bergamot. The latter being a truly Italian fruit. Nearly 90% of the world’s production of Bergamot comes from a scant couple thousand acres of land in Calabria.
  • Galvanina Organic Cedrata Soda 35,5 cl
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-1972542
    Galvanina Organic Cedrata Soda 35,5 cl

    This Organic Cedrata Soda from Galvanina is a refreshing and excellent sparkling drink made from the unique lemon species "Cedrata" from the southern Italian region of Calabria.
    Try it as a mixer for cocktails containing gin, likør or aperitifs.

    Brand: Galvanina
    Name: Galvanina BIO Cedrata
    Country: Italy
    Type: Soda
    35,5 cl.
    Other: Organic

    Expiry date: 16/06/2025
    • 1pcs.