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Scotch Whisky

The first thing people think of when they hear the word Scotland is whiskey, including  Scotch as it is also called. Although Scotland is known for many things other than just whiskey, such as golf, haggis and kilts, it is for good reason that it is precisely the whiskey that, over time, has been dubbed 'Scotch'. The Scots have always been the true pioneers of whiskey making, which many others have tried to emulate, including the Irish, the Americans and even the Danes. However, none of these places has given rise to a similarity between their nation and their whiskeys. Even in Ireland, where one is also very proud of their Irish whiskeys, the impact and marketing effect has been as great as in Scotland.

It is especially because of the very varied nature of the Scottish highland and lowland respectively, as well as a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit that has enabled the Scots to produce such a large and varied selection of whiskey over time.

Generally, Scottish whiskey is divided into three main types: Each whiskey type has its own flavor and aroma, but the most prevalent type of Scotch Whiskey is Malt Whiskey. It is also from here that one has the very well known Single Malt Whiskeys, which is what most associate with Scottish whiskeys.

Find the right whiskey for your Scotch and soda

It's not just the whiskeys that 'Scotch' has become synonymous with. The same goes for drinks, specifically the legendary Scotch and soda cocktail. This cocktail originated in the USA in the 19th century as part of the highball trend imported to the United States by Englishmen.

Scotch and soda basically consists of Scotch whiskey and carbonated water - these can be both Blended Whiskeys, Grain Whiskeys and Single Malt Whiskeys. However, most people here agree that Single Malt Whiskeys are the best for this particular drink. Therefore, if you want an exclusive version of "Scotch and Soda", we highly recommend you use a Glenlivet Scotch or a Macallan Scotch.

How to make the drink:

Pour two parts of Scotch Whiskey into a glass and six parts of carbonated water. That is it! Here you can choose to use ordinary carbonated water or carbonated water with citrus as you prefer.

A "Scotch and Soda" can be a great way to start drinking whiskey, as the carbonated water makes the drink even more fresh, which especially young palates prefer.

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At we have assembled a large and powerful selection of delicious Scotch whiskey, so whether you are a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or completely green, we certainly have something to suit your taste. We always strives to have the largest and best selection of all kinds of whiskeys in Denmark. Our business is based on many years of passion for whiskey, so if you have any doubt about which whiskey you should choose for a particular occasion or person then don't hesitate to contact us!