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Pimm's Liqueur


Pimm's Liqueur

Pimm's is a brand of gin-based fruit cup, but may also be considered a liqueur.
  • Licor 43
    Item no.: 22227865378-18810
    Pimms No. 1 Likør 70 cl 25% Pimm's No.1 is a gin based likør. It has a taste of fruit, berries and spices. This likør is one of the most popular in England, and also in all the other countries where the English soldiers have carried the liqueur around. Pimm's No.1 dates back to an oyster restaurant in London in 1840, where owner James Pimm served Pimms to his customers. Since then, the recipe for this likør has remained the same and only 6 people know the exact contents. A good drink based on Pimm's No.1 that can be recommended is Pimm's No.1 mixed with lemonade, mint leaves, strawberries, lemon, orange, cucumber slices and finally a lot of ice cubes.

    Distillery: PimmsAge: NA Type: Gin-based likør from England Alc. strength: 25% 70 cl. Other: Try it in a lemonade - A Wimbledon classic
    • 1pcs.