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Sabatini Gin


Sabatini Gin

A passion for Tuscany and a passion for good Gin. These two concepts might seem to have nothing in common to those who are not experts in this particular spirit, because few people know that the very best juniper in the world, used in fact to produce many high quality Gins, actually comes from Tuscany. Here, in Teccognano, near Cortona in the province of Arezzo, the Sabatinis, a family deeply attached to this corner of the world, have decided to strengthen this bond by making their Gin even more Tuscan. They have done this by not only using fine Tuscan juniper, but also a whole series of other botanicals, grown mainly on the family’s own land and in the surrounding area, creating an excellent London Dry Gin that embodies the scents and images of the Tuscan hills.

An act of love for their homeland and the result of the dedication of the Sabatini family: Enrico, Filippo, Niccolò and Ugo. When Teccognano S.r.l. was incorporated in 2015, the family set about turning this dream into reality. In constant pursuit of excellence, they contacted Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers, one of the leading experts in the sector and heir to eleven generations of London distillers.

Maxwell, in collaboration with the Sabatini family supervised the choice and combination of botanicals, creating a recipe which complies with the sacred rules of traditional English distillation but also offers a sensorial experience that transports one to Tuscany with the very first sip.

And so Sabatini Gin is not only a high quality product, but the fruit of a perfect union of tastes, aromas, emotions and history - the history of the Sabatini family, who created and nurtured it with passion and professionalism. In the end, the concept is easy to understand: Sabatini Gin is simply a new episode in the important historical and cultural bond that links Tuscany with England.
  • Sabatini Gin 70 cl 41.3%
    Item no.: 2222786539-6141
    Sabatini Gin Sabatini Gin is a great combination of a classic London Dry Gin and Tuscany. Sabatini The gin is the result of a collaboration between Charles Macwell, from one of the leading London distilleries, and the Sabatini family with an Italian background. The Sabatini family is from Tuscany and has infused this into their gin. With this, the family has created an exciting and unique gin with a special love for Tuscany. Sabatini The gin contains nine different botanicals that are typically Tuscan and all nine botanicals are harvested on the Sabatini family's own land located in southeastern Tuscany. The nine botanicals include juniper berries, coriander, iris, olive leaves, thyme, lavender, lemon and sage. All nine botanicals give Sabatini Gin a unique and balanced flavor. Furthermore, these botanicals are also expressed in the aroma, with citrus and juniper playing a major role. Sabatini Gin is a great gin for use in various cocktails
    • 1pcs.