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Tom of Finland


Tom of Finland

"Make a statement without saying a word".
  • Tom of Finland Vodka Organic Vodka 50 cl 40% 50% Organic 50 cl
    Item no.: 505956-498796-466-5

    Tom of Finland Vodka Organic Vodka

    Tom of Finland is the vodka for those who like their drink to have both edge and history. It's an organic super premiumvodka made by Finland's second oldest distillery, Lignell & Piispanen, founded in 1852. It is named after the Finnish artist Touka Laaksonen, whose humorous, homoerotic drawings are iconic today. The vodka is made from organic wheat and rye, which is fermented and distilled 5 times before the vodka is filtered, watered down with Arctic water and bottled - with no additives. Enjoy it neat or in cocktails. Color: Clear Scent: Very clean with a hint of rye. Tasting notes: Silky smooth with no burn - you may detect notes of vanilla and black pepper. Other: No added colouring & no added sugar. Distillery: Tom of FinlandType: Finnish Vodka Country: Finland Alc. strength: 40% 70 cl.
    • 1pcs.