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Coffee liqueur

  • Buzz Ballz Cocktail Espresso Martini
    Item no.: 222278333-8868

    Buzz Ballz Cocktail Espresso Martini Ready to Drink Can USA 200 ml 13.5%

    BuzzBallz Cocktails come from Texas in the USA and they have created a super delicious Ready to Drink - the beautiful round containers must be refrigerated, shaken thoroughly and then poured into a glass filled with ice cubes. This version is an Espresso Martini cocktail, made with premium rum and coffee, perfect for a hot summer day on the patio.

    - Distillery: Buzz Ballz
    - Name: Buzz Ballz Cocktail Espresso Martini - Ready to Drink Can
    - Botanicals: Rum & Coffee
    - Country: USA
    - Type: Cocktail RTD
    - Alc. strength: 13.5%
    - 200 ml
    - Recommended Garnish: Coffee bean and lots of ice
    • 1pcs.
  • Copenhagen Distillery Coffee Lab Coffee Liqueur Dansk Spirit 50 cl 40%
    Item no.: 2222786539-26
    Brand: Copenhagen DistilleryCountry: Denmark Type: Coffee Lab Dansk Spirit Alc. strength: 40 % 50 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Enghaven Rum Coffee Liqueur 50 cl 20%
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-19726287
    Brænderiet Enghaven is part of the farm Enghaven, located in the idyllic village of Mellerup near Randers. The coffee liqueur from Enghaven is based on Enghaven's Oak aged rum and syrup from the same Brazilian sugar cane. The coffee is an African blend and from Odsherred's coffee roastery, where it is cold brewed on Enghaven White Rum.

    - Distillery: Enghaven
    - Name: Enghaven Kafferomlikør
    - Country: Denmark
    - Type: Likør
    - Alc. strength: 20%
    - 50 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Kahluá coffeeLiqueur Liqueur Shots
    Item no.: 22227865378-8013
    Kahlua Likør Coffee Liqueur Liqueur Liqueur Shots 16% Kahlua Likør Coffee liqueur is used in the drink White Russian here Distillery: Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur Age: NA Type: Rum & Coffee Likør Alc. strength: 16% 70 cl. Other: Kahlua or Kahlúa as it is also spelled. See opskrift on White Russian here
    • 1pcs.
  • Moka Original Coffee Liqueur 70 cl 30%
    Item no.: 059763-615-949
    Distillery: Moka
    Type: Coffee Liqueur
    Alc. strength: 30 %
    70 cl.
    Other: Original
    • 1pcs.
  • New Grove Cafe Mauritius Island Rum Liqueur 70 cl 26%
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-1972499
    New Grove Cafe Mauritius Island Rum Liqueur 70 cl 26%

    This rum liqueur comes from the paradise island of Mauritius, which has a long tradition of producing both rum and sugar. New Grove series was created in 2006 and is named after a small town in the southern part of Mauritius.

    Distillery: New Grove
    Name: New Grove Café
    Country: Mauritius Island
    Type: Rum Liqueur
    Alc. strength: 26 %
    70 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Nyborg Distillery Organic Coffee Liqueur 70 cl 23%
    Item no.: 2222785554-88741
    Nyborg Distillery Organic Coffee Liqueur 70 cl 23%

    This tasty coffee liqueur is made at Nyborg Destilleri, where they only use specially selected raw materials in their production. The coffee liqueur is made from organic decaffeinated coffee. This means that it is less bitter than many other coffee liqueurs. Nyborg Coffee Liqueur is made with their own flavorful Fionia White Rum and sweetened with organic cane sugar. In addition to an intense coffee flavor, it also has notes of vanilla and caramel.

    Brand: Nyborg Distillery
    Country: Denmark
    Type: Coffee liqueur with rum
    Alc. strength: 23 %
    70 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Sheridan's Coffee Liqueur
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197278323

    Sheridan's Coffee Liqueur

    Sheridan's Coffee Liqueur was introduced back in 1994 and produced in Dublin by Tomas Sheridan & Sons. The unique feature of this likør is the bottle, which is divided into two separate sections. One contains a black likør with coffee and whisky flavors, and the other contains a white likør which is rich in white chocolate notes, all rounded off with a chocolate, nutty finish. When Sheridan's Likør is poured into a low-ball glass, the white likør will settle on top of the black likør. Manufacturer: Sheridan's Age: NA Type: Coffee liqueur Alc. strength: 15.5% 70 cl.
    • 1pcs.
  • Stay Espresso Martini Shot Likør Liqueur Shots
    Item no.: 22227865378-10141
    Distillery: Stay Espresso Martini Shot Type: Vodka & Coffeé LikørAlc. strength: 16.4% 70 cl. Other: STAY Espresso Martini is based on Arabica coffee beans that are roasted to a dark, delicious espresso with a natural caffeine content and premium vodka.
    • 1pcs.
  • Tia Maria Coffee Coffee Liqueur Liqueur Shots from Italy contain 70 centiliters with 20 percent alcohol
    Item no.: 222555486-9963
    Tia Maria Coffee Coffee Liqueur Liqueur Shots Italy 70 cl 20% The legend of TIA MARIA dates back to the mid-17th century, when a beautiful young Spanish aristocrat fled the turmoil of colonial warfare to the island of Jamaica. Her maid rescued a family treasure, a small jewelry box with black pearl earrings and an old manuscript with the recipe for a mysterious likør. The recipe was named after the brave woman: TIA MARIA It was then rediscovered in the 1950s by Dr. Kenneth Leigh Evans, who began producing and marketing the liqueur. It is still made according to the original Caribbean opskrift by ILLVA Saronno, and is distributed in more than 60 countries.TIA MARIA is an exotic likør with natural vanilla flavor and the finest fresh coffee beans roasted to perfection, complemented by a hint of Jamaican rum. It presents a rich copper and golden amber tone that blends with an enticing caramel scent, making TIA MARIA an ideal likør in exotic cocktails. - Distillery: Tia Maria- Name: Tia Maria Coffee Coffee Liqueur - Country: Italy - Type: Rum & Coffee Likør- Alc. strength: 20% - 70 cl.
    • 1pcs.