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Evan Williams Whiskey

Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey

The American brand, Evan Williams, produces quality bourbon whiskey that is distilled and distributed by Heaven Hill Company in Kentucky. The brand has been named after politician, contractor and distiller, Evan Williams, who founded Kentucky's first commercial distillery back in 1783, and his distillation methods continue to be used today to produce Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey.

Today, Evan Williams bourbon is the world's second best-selling Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and for good reason, Evan Williams Whiskey is good quality bourbon at affordable prices. Among our range of Evan Williams you will find, among other things, Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon, which has won the "Whiskey of the year" award five times.

The story of Evan Williams bourbon

The story of Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, is at the same time the story of the settlers and legends of the United States. Evan Welshman, later Williams, moved to Kentucky in 1780, and just 3 years later he founded the state's first distillery. It mostly happened because it was so difficult to transport corn at that time; distilling on site was far easier. He joined Louisville's Board of Trustees, and for each meeting he brought a bottle of whiskey - and at each meeting he was fined for doing so. With such a start, it's easy to understand that Evan Williams' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is among the most beloved Bourbon Whiskeys today.