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Craft Kit Vodka


Craft Kit Vodka

  • Craft Kit - Vodka, Gin & Aquavit
    Item no.: 059763-615-285
    Are you dreaming of making your own vodka, gin, and aquavit?
    Then this kit is perfect for you!
    With this kit, you can create your own vodka, gin, and aquavit at home.

    The kit has everything you need to craft your own vodka, gin, and aquavit.
    But there's also ample opportunity to make it truly unique by adding your own ingredients from the garden, forest, or sea.

    This Kit includes:
    - 50 cl Danish Premium Vodka, filtered through granite
    - 12 main ingredients
    - Patent glass
    - Mini tongs
    - Filtering funnel with strainer
    - Bar spoon
    - 2/4 cl Measuring jigger
    - 2x3 labels for Gin, Vodka, and Schnapps/Aquavit
    - Brochure containing the history of Gin, Vodka, Schnapps/Aquavit, "how to" instructions, and recipes
    • 1pcs.