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Swedish Whisky

On this page you will find a large selection of Swedish whiskeys. Nordic whiskey is from the well-known distilleries in the Nordic countries. Here you get both good taste and the whole experience of drinking whiskey.

Under each brand you can learn more about the different whiskeys and learn about how they are made, where they come from and what flavors you can find on the page. You can also get a more detailed description, as we at would like to share our broad knowledge about whiskey.

Here you can also look for a good gift for the man or woman who loves and is interested in whiskey. Nordic whiskeys are something quite special to receive as a gift and will definitely be a hit.

By clicking on the categories below you can find our different kinds of Nordic whiskeys. Here you can find brands such as Braunstein, Fary Lochan, Hven, Mikkeller Spirits, Nyborg Distillery and Stauning.