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Villa Ascenti Gin

Villa Ascenti Gin

Villa Ascenti is the new super premium gin of the multinational Diageo, already known to most for the famous Gordon's and Tanqueray gins. It is a unicum, the first time of an Italian gin and in the Piedmontese case in the portfolio of the large international group.

It is a gin that comes to life in the Santa Vittoria Distillery, in Cuneo, which collaborates with local farmers to supply themselves with the highest quality raw materials: the Moscato grape, the soul of this gin, and then fresh mint, thyme, sage and others botanicals from the Piedmont hills of the north-western area. The three-step distillation process is carried out within a few hours of collection in Frilli-type copper distillers dating back to the 1970s.

The liquid obtained is clear and bright, very complex on the nose, with notes now of juniper and citrine, now floral and aromatic herbs, which develop on a pleasant sweet background of Moscato grapes. The taste is able to give a unique sensorial experience compared to traditional gins, telling Piedmont in an authentic way, from the herbaceous and citrusy entrance to the extremely pleasant and soft finish on mineral and Moscato grapes.

Its versatile characteristics make it the perfect gin for a convivial aperitif but also the inevitable ingredient for the realization of Gin & Tonic or for mixing with Quality Sparkling Wine.