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W&R Magazine

Whisky & Rom Magazine

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We have been playing with the idea for this new Whiskey & Rom magazine for many years.

We think that the many whisky enthusiasts deserve a magazine written in Danish. A magazine that also goes a little closer to our own new Danish whisky distilleries. There are now also many who are interested in rum and they should not be cheated either. So a good mix of these two noble spirits will be the essence of our magazine. With this magazine we will tell about the new initiatives, the many ideas and what it is that makes enthusiastic whisky lovers throw themselves into big investments and equally big challenges.

We follow the creation of their whisky and evaluate the very first precious drops. We will guide new whisky enthusiasts with a well-developed step-by-step whisky school, and we will tell about everything that is worth telling about whisky, old traditions and new initiatives. We will make reports from all over Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland, USA, and Japan.

We will try to get to corner of the world that makes whisky. A serious tasting panel will in each issue blind taste a variety of whisky and rum products and come up with their unreserved opinion. Rum enthusiasts are taken on a trip around the world.

We look at the production methods, the significance of the dishes, and the different styles. Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Martinique and Guadeloupe, just to name a few.

Our vision with Whisky & Rom is to help discover, contribute, to be curious, and hopefully bring many timely and interesting articles about whisky and rum from around the world. So rejoice, dear readers, and join this exciting journey. Happy reading!