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Ben Wyvis Whisky


Ben Wyvis Highland Whisky (Closed)

Ben Wyvis Distillery was a Scottish Highland whisky distillery that operated for a relatively short period. Here are some key points about Ben Wyvis:

  1. Location: Ben Wyvis Distillery was located in the town of Invergordon, in the Highland region of Scotland.

  2. Operation Period: The distillery was established in 1965 by Invergordon Distillers Ltd. It operated for a brief period until 1976 when it was closed down.

  3. Ownership: Invergordon Distillers Ltd, a company known for its grain whisky production, decided to venture into the single malt market by establishing Ben Wyvis.

  4. Characteristics: Ben Wyvis whiskies are rare, and there were only a few official releases. The distillery produced a relatively heavy and robust style of single malt whisky.

  5. Closure: Ben Wyvis was closed down as a result of economic challenges faced by its parent company. The distillery's equipment and remaining stock were subsequently sold.

  6. Pictish Symbol: The label for Ben Wyvis whiskies often featured a Pictish symbol, reflecting the historical and cultural heritage of the region.

  7. Limited Releases: Due to its short operational period, Ben Wyvis whiskies are considered rare and are sought after by collectors. Independent bottlings may still be available on the secondary market.

It's important to note that Ben Wyvis whiskies are considered collector's items, and their availability is limited.