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ABK6 Cognac

ABK6 Cognac

ABK6 Cognac was launched by Francis Abecassis in 2006 to appeal to a younger audience than traditional cognac. Its name, pronounced in French, sounds exactly like "Abecassis". It was used by his daughter Elodie as a shortened signature in text messages and eight years later, at the age of 27, she heads the business with her father.

The fruity character of the ABK6 cognac comes from the calcareous soil and the climate on the hills where the vineyards stand. Another important factor is that the eaux-de-vie used in the cognac is stored significantly longer than other cognacs.

"Our goal is to create a very soft and round quality," says Basement Master Christian Guérin. "We have always wanted to keep a fruit rich style that is characterized by this" Single Estate".

The world's best Cognac 2014

The World Cognac Awards are part of the prestigious World Drinks Awards program, launched in 2007. Presented by, the world's leading online source of professionals, the Cognac Awards select, reward and market the best Cognac.

Samples of all cognacs in the competition were sent to all judges worldwide and then their comments and rankings were collected. After the tastings, Cognac ABK6 V.S.O.P. The Grand Cru awarded the award as "World's Best Cognac 2014" because it has an extremely appealing, light and soft "easy-to-drink" style, as well as a fruity aftertaste. The aroma and flavor contains apple pie and cinnamon, orange, vanilla and nutty aromas which give an excellent finish.

Country: France
Area: Cognac
Owner: ABK6
Type: Cognac
Bottle size: 70 cl
Closure: Screw cap
Soils: Highly calcareous slopes
Grape composition: 100% Ugni Blanc
Fermentation: Traditional white wine making
Storage: Stored in 350 liter French limousine oak barrels
Distillation: Double distilled in traditional Charentais Pot stills
Alcohol: 40%