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KAH Tequila

KAH Tequila

Not 2 bottles are the same! Each bottle is handmade, just as the production offers lots of passion and "craftsmanship". KAH is produced in the city of Tequila (Jalisco, Mexico) at the foot of Mount Tequila.

There are 4 variants: Blanco (meaning white). Sweet first followed by spicy pepper flavor. Reposado (resting). A soft tequila with strong agave flavor. Añejo (old), which has powerful agave flavor accompanied by chocolate and coffee flavors. Extra Añejo (extra old). Matured for 4.5 years until a soft pepper smoked tree flavor is obtained along with notes of caramel, vanilla and sweet spice. The latter bottle is produced in limited quantities and adorned with over 700 Swarovski stones.

Award winning tequila

The KAH tequlia has won over 15 awards / awards for their "Day of the Dead" tequila series. KAH means life according to the Mayan Indians and here at we could not agree more. Good name, good tequila on the "winning podium", nice bottle, good taste - and some similarly nice dealers!