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Ocho Tequila

Ocho Tequila

Muestra no. Ocho means Sample No. 8. The name refers to the third generation of Tequilero making Sample No. 8 to Tomas Estes, who exported the first bottles of tequila to Europe. It is said that this tequila is the first with vintage date labels, from which you can see the harvest season and location. The taste includes everything from initially salted lime, mustard seeds, grilled pineapple, rosemary, pencil shavings (yes, you read correctly), fruity agave flavor that supplements the taste of (among others) oily beeswax and dried spices, to finally give you an experience of salt water, fruity (albeit dry) agave and white pepper. Never before at have we seen such an exciting description of taste, but for the same reason, we can only say: This Tequila must be experienced.

The number 8 is seen several times. The agave plant matures after 8 years, weighing 8 kg. to 1 ltr Ocho Tequila, of which Blanco edition takes 8 days to produce, etc. etc.