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Ginraw Gin


Ginraw Gin

The creation of a chef, a sommelier, a mixologist and a maître parfumeur, GinRaw is a gastronomic gin inspired by Barcelona's traditional foods and flavours. Using a blend of botanicals, including laurel leaves, lemon, black cardamom and coriander seeds, GinRaw is distilled at a low temperature, using a rotary evaporator to extract the complex essence of each botanical without destroying delicate flavours. Smooth and elegant, the palate offers aromatic spices balanced by zesty citrus.
  • Ginraw Gastronomic Gin
    Item no.: 2222786539-6085

    Ginraw Gastronomic Gin from Spain

    Sassy gin from Barcelona. This small batch gin is made from 6 plant extracts, all of which are distilled separately at only 25 degrees. With all the time needed, it is possible to extract the deepest essence of each ingredient. Created by a couple of entrepreneurs with the help of four masters of their craft; a chef, a sommelier, a mixologist and a perfumer. See our full range of gins here- Distillery: Ginraw- Name: Ginraw Gin Gastronomic - Botanicals: Lemon, cedrat, bay leaves, juniper berries, kaffir lime leaves, coriander seeds and cardamom - Country: Spain - Type: Dry Gin - Alc. strength: 42.3% - 70 cl. - Recommended Tonic Water: Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic or 1724 Tonic - Recommended Garnish: A slice of lime
    • 1pcs.