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Granit Gin

Granit Bavarian Gin

Granit Bavarian Gin is the brainchild of Bavarian Stefan Penninger and manufactured by Hausbrennerei Penninger. The delicious juniper spirit combines the charismatic character of contemporary spirits culture with the advantages of traditional Bavarian methods for distilling great alcoholic beverages in order to grant you a diverse tasting experience.

In order to aromatize their product, the brand uses traditional botanicals like cardamom, coriander and citrus peels while also utilizing plants and herbals, which are specifically Bavarian like gentian and melissa.

Furthermore, the brand restored a destillation instrument from the 1960s in order to harness the unique advantages that come with using this kind of technology. The result is a beverage that is particularly clear and smooth while luring you with its herbal and fruity aromas.
  • Granit Bavarian Gin 70 cl 42%
    Item no.: 2222786539-6087
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    • 1pcs.