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Koskenkorva Vodka


Koskenkorva Vodka from Finland 

Here you can find our selection of quality vodka from the Koskenkorva Distillery in Finland
  • Koskenkorva Organic Vodka Finland
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-1972804301

    Koskenkorva - organic vodka from Finland

    Koskenkorva Vodka is one of the most famous Finnish vodkas. This version is an organic version. The vodka is distilled more than 250 times and is even made from glacial water and barley from the distillery's own fields. A luxurious and pure vodka! The result is a fresh, warm and dry vodka with coarse barley that really comes into its own. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or in an optional cocktail. Distillery: Koskenkorva Name: Koskenkorva VodkaCountry: Finland Type: VodkaAlc. strength: 37,5% 70 cl. Other: Organic
    • 1pcs.