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Dillon Rum


Dillon Rum

The Distillerie Dillon is in Fort de France in Martinique. It distills many types of rum from the locally grown sugar cane. It is powered by a Corliss steam engine that was built in 1922.

The site of the distillery was settled by sugar farmers in 1690. The name stems from Arthur Dillon (1750-1794) a soldier with Lafayette's troops in the American War of Independence. Serving with Dillon's Regiment, of the Irish Brigade (France), he had been promoted to colonel at the age of 16.

On returning to his home from the war, he married a rich widow, named Louise. Then they bought the estate, flourishing with sugar cane, and had a daughter Fanny. Dillon became a deputy, and his daughter was presented by her cousin Josephine to Napoleon. She married General Bertrand, and they both accompanied Napoleon into exile on Elba and St Helena. On returning to the Dillon Plantation, she campaigned against slavery.

  • Compagnie des Indes Martinique 2002/2015 Dillon 13 years Rum 70 cl 44% 44
    Item no.: 22227865416-321
    Compagnie des Indes Martinique 2002/2015 Dillon 13 year Rum 44%Compagnie des Indes Martinique comes from the Dillon distillery in Martinique. The rum is fermented and distilled from fresh sugar cane juice, after which it is aged for 4 years in Martinique and then aged and bottled for 9 years in Europe exclusively for Denmark. The color is very light golden, with a beautiful, natural aroma of floral and fruity, with hints of rubber and grass. The taste offers unique notes of peach, herbs, tarragon and mint - Distillery: Dillon - Bottler: Compagnie des Indes - Name: Compagnie des Indes Martinique - Age: 13 years Distilled: March 2002 Bottled: October 2015 - Country: Martinique - Type: Rum - Number of bottles: 322 bottles - Alc. strength: 44% - 70 cl. - Other: Only 322 bottles - Denmark exclusive
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