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Dannebrog Vodka 1219


Estonian Vodka from Dannebrog Vodka 1219

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  • Dannebrog Vodka
    Item no.: 505956-498796-451-1

    Dannebrog Vodka Estonia

    Dannebrog Vodka is made from 100%


    winter wheat that is distilled 5 times. It is a small batch vodka, which is made in very small batches. Remedia Distillery describes this vodka as an Ultra-Premium Small Batch Vintage Vodka. The bottle is incredibly beautiful in its simple and very stylish design. The texture of the vodka is clear and bright. The aftertaste is medium long and gives a nice warmth with spicy notes of anise, fennel and pepper. Distillery: Remedia Type: Estonian Vodka Country: Estonia Alc. strength: 40 % 100 cl. Other: A tribute to Danneborg, which fell from the sky 700 years ago - where a battle was turned into a victory for the Danes. The battle took place in Estonia, where Danneborg Vodka 1219 is made today.
    • 1pcs.