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Irish Whiskey

The pure, strong Irish whiskey
Looking for a whisky that is both lavishly produced and has a taste that reflects that? You can stop looking, because at We have Denmark's absolute best selection of Irish whisky.

Here quality and a large selection of whisky are considerations, with a impetus in knowledge and experience. You can choose between many different categories of whiskey, including the whisky style, pure pot still Irish whiskey or a large selection of our peaty whiskey.

With pure pot still Irish whiskey, you get the taste of history and tradition.It remains a taste that differentiates itself from the Scotch single malt by being triple distilled instead of a double distilled Scotch double distilled. This gives a smoother and more elegant whisky style, which in itself is an attraction for whiskey. The extra distilling allows for the option of producing creamy and heavier whiskey types which will stimulate your taste buds and your sense of smell.

Irish whiskey still lives

History leaves a trace. Despite that Irish whisky is no longer produced in small distillieries across Ireland, but despite of the large, combined distilleries, the taste carries on. There's a battle in the whiskey market, and it is reflected in the strong, sincere and clean taste.

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