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Gin Sul

Gin Sul Dry Gin

Gin Sul is the Dry Gin from Hamburg (Germany), with roots in Portugal. A testament to our love for this beautiful country at the south-western tip of Europe.  Simple, fresh and elegant.

Our exclusive dry gin is characterized by the finest botanicals, careful distillation in very small batches and subtle hints of Mediterranean citrus.

Juniper berries, coriander, fresh lemons from Portugal, rosemary, peppers, lavender, cinnamon and gum rockrose (Cistus Ladanifer) are just some of the ingredients which capture the ‘saudade’, or soulful longing, in Gin Sul.

The lemons which grow in the western Algarve are often as large as grapefruits, with peel as thick as one’s thumb, and a lemony taste that brings back childhood memories.

With our maceration, it’s the quality of these botanicals that matters, more than the variety of ingredients. ‘Simple is beautiful’ is our philosophy, especially with the superb organic junipers or the fresh rosemary, which go into Gin Sul.

The fragrant aroma as you travel from Setúbal to Sagres lies between honey and eucalyptus, and it’s the cistus or aromatic gum rockrose grown on the barren terrain of the steep cliffs along the Costa Vicentina - typically alongside lush juniper bushes - that we capture in Gin Sul.

Only 100 liters - that’s all our distillery’s copper still - crafted by Arnold Holstein in Markdorf on Lake Constance - can hold. Compared to the industry average, that’s what you might call a “homeopathic” production volume. En route to the “spirit pipe“, all the alcohol vapor must battle its way through what is known as an "anisateur": a spirit tray, which in our bespoke distillation process, is filled with fresh lemon peel, rosemary and rose petals. The cold, clear and soft water from the Lüneburg Heath region, south of Hamburg, is blended with Gin Sul distillate in the Altona Spirit Manufacture to bring it to 43% strength. Thirty-three wells, bored to a depth of up to 326 metres, supply water from the shingle of the Saalian Ice Age and the lignite sands below. Creating the ideal source of water for Gin Sul.

  • Gin Sul Hamburg Dry Gin Germany 50 cl 43%
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    Gin Sul Dry Gin from Hamburg, Germany
    50 cl / 43%

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