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Guadeloupe Rum

Guadeloupe Rum

Certain origins do not mislead… in November 1493 Christophe Colomb first set ashore Guadeloupe at the place which became the commune of Sainte-Marie. Initially called KARUKERA by the Caribbean Indians, Guadeloupe saw the foundation of the Domain of Marquisat of Sainte Marie in 1895. It is in the middle of this Domain that the oldest distilling of the island, Espérance distilling, works out an exceptional rum: rum KARUKERA.

Today more than ever, the exploitation of the Domain can not sacrifice the search of an indisputable quality to the constraints of productivity. Completely autonomous: the Domain of Marquisat de Sainte - Marie integrates single distilling where all the chain of development and ageing of rum is managed on its grounds; very selective: by privileging the mono variety, the Domain secures the possibility of qualitative controls at each stage of the development and  especially a prémium quality regularity that impartial report confirmed by independent experts.

Welcome to the Domain of the Marquisate of saint-Marie.


Originate from Asia, sugar canes are introduced in the West Andie by Christopher Colombo during his second voyage in 1493. The harvest plants on Santo Domingo (ex Hispaniola) make it possible Spaniards to repatriate the first sugar cargoes in 1516. Discovered but forsaken by the Spaniards, the Little Antilles are then occupied by the first French colonists in 1635 who, with knowledge about the making of spirit, devoted to the exploitation sugar canes the main part of the plantations. The history of rum star then, a history which the French shared with the English installed on the island nearby.

Became French colonies in 1674, Guadeloupe and Martinique are the cradle of the commerce of sugar, aged exceptionally for the French royalty. Carried by this choice of culture, the production of rum will be the principal production of the two islands who became first world producers at the end of the 19th century.
Espérance distilling in the middle of the Domaine of Marquisat of Sainte-Marie started this adventure in 1895, By perpetuating the production of a rum resulting exclusively from the fermentation of the juice of cane with sugar (only 3% of the worldwide production) more qualitative than that of the molasses rum, the Field made the choice propose a powerful rum of an exceptional aromatic richness.

The adventure of rum is indissociable of this period of the History rich in human adventures, it conveys the image of a “brandy” which evokes heat, the force of the islands and the conquest of new territories.

In the category of rums older than 4 years of age, the KARUKERA ® Vintage 1999 45% gets Gold Medal at the Concours General Agricole in Paris in 2012.
We are pleased to inform you of the distinction of rhums KARUKERA® to the agricultural open competition of Paris 2010

In the category of the old rhums of more than 4 years, our “Special Reserve” KARUKERA® obtained the Money medal.

This Money medal comes to greet the high level of requirement and the attention given by SAS Marquisat of co. Marie in the large development old rhums agricoles of the Guadeloupe.

This label gives the product an honorary uniqueness and recognition of the producer, by both his peers and by consumers.
In 2012 as in 2011 and 2010, rums KARUKERA ® were awarded the CGA of Paris. These awards come to salute the high demands and attention by our cellar master in the development of old rums from Guadeloupe in the marquisate of Domaine Ste Marie