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Old Malt Cask Whisky

Old Malt Cask Whisky

Fra Douglas Laing & Co.

The Old Malt Cask

This intriguing range emerged in 1998 with a caveat that the single cask bottlings would only be available in limited numbers. But the initial 50 – to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary – was gradually passed and today we can regularly offer over a hundred superb Malts to the connoisseur or anyone else with good taste for that matter.

In our book, colouring is wicked (in its original meaning) and chill filtration techniques make us shiver at the thought. Without apology, The OLD MALT CASK offerings are not chill filtered, leaving in each bottle all the oils, fats and enzymes that combine to give the quality of the nose, palate, mouth-feel and finish.

A preferred strength of 50% alc/vol (referred to as the Golden Strength by old die hards) is maintained as we wholeheartedly believe this strength creates a fine, round, full quality for various Malts when taken “neat.” And lately, because we’re small and perfectly formed, we’ve added 20 cls “sample bottles” to the selection. These limited edition 20cl gems replicate those “pulled” by the distillery warehouseman for dispatch to the blenders for quality control purposes.

A very warm welcome to Douglas Laing and Co.

We are delighted that you’re taking a moment (hopefully more) to visit our new-look website – a worthy successor, we believe, to our first steam-driven version which dragged us kicking and screaming into the modern communications’ era.

As a company, we regard ourselves very much as sensitive souls - artisans, if you like - steadfastly creating a quality selection of the finest Scotch Whisky, gleaned from our single casks of Highlands, Lowlands, Islay, Maritime and Speyside Malts.

We blend (where appropriate) and bottle all our whiskies with such care and devotion that we’ve earned ourselves an enviable reputation at home and abroad for style and taste, one which we strive to enhance continuously. Our father, Fred Douglas Laing, founded our Company 60 years ago for which reason we are celebrating with 6 (six) Single Cask bottlings - 1 (one) released every month over a 6 month window - to celebrate our 6 decades - in the Commemorative pack which you see on this page.

Getting your hands on a bottle from our coveted Old Malt Cask range, for example, can prove a pleasant adventure, nothing too intrepid – but, rest assured, it won’t involve fighting for a parking space at your local supermarket. Instead, a foray to the discreet atmosphere of select, specialist liquor emporiums will prove revelatory and, like our gently nurtured whiskies, hugely satisfying.