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Yu Gin


Yu Gin -  Relax & Refresh! All you need is Yu!

  • Yu Gin from France
    Item no.: 22227865479-1106-197279920

    A unique gin with the Japanese yuzu fruit - try it with lemon

    Try adding a slice of lemon to this delicious Yu Gin. It looks festive and adds flavor to the drink. Yu Gin is a French gin, launched by French Boutique Spirits, whose aim was to create a truly unique gin. Among other things, they asked several French celebrity chefs, perfumers and pastry chefs to help them identify ingredients (botanicals) that were extraordinarily fresh and that could complement each other in a unique taste experience. The choice fell on the Yuzu fruit, which comes from Japan. Yuzu was the perfect choice as this fruit combines freshness and strength with aromatic elegance. Distillery: French Boutique Spirits Name: Yu Gin Botanicals: Yuzu, juniper berries, coriander seeds and Szechuan pepper Country: France Type: Fruit Gin Alc. strength: 43% 70 cl. Recommended Tonic Water: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Recommended Garnish: A slice of lime
    • 1pcs.