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Different alcohol


Various Recipes

    Aqua Mule Remix cocktail - The perfect Aqua Mule Remix.
  • Bobs Bitter Aromatic Cocktails Bitter
    Get the recipe to upgrade your cocktail with Bob's Bitters. Bob's Bitters Abbott's. Bob's Bitters are an essential ingredient for the perfect cocktail. Bob's Bitters is sure to enhance the flavor of whatever you add it to. Add 4 to 8 drops of Bob's amazing flavors to your cocktail via the included pipette cap.
  • Flyversjus 2.0 cocktail
    Flyversjus 2.0 From Bar-Visit in Odense. Flyversjus 2.0 cocktail variation of the Danish classic that, along with charter tourism, had its heyday when mom and dad were young! The taste of lovely aquavit and lots of citrus is unmistakable! This cocktail was developed at Visit (Bar-Visit)
  • Gin Hass Virgin Opskrift - Non-alcoholic Drink
    The Perfect Non-Alcoholic Gin Hass Cocktail. Make the perfect Gin Hass opskrift just without alcohol - with the right ingredients. Inspired by Kim Hass, bartender from Odense, another Funen resident Ulrik Bertelsen from was at the Gin Festival and made the famous Gin Hass drink.
  • Learn how to make the Brazilian caipirinha with Cachaca Copacaiba
    Enjoy a summery Caipirinha with Cachaça Copacaïba. Caipirinha is perfect for setting the summer mood and getting your hips moving. Enjoy it with Brazilian samba music and feel the arrival of summer. The cocktail is considered to be Brazil's national drink, and here are our top picks
  • Mad March Hare Irish Poitin - Summer hit flavor
    Enjoy Summer with the Mad March Hare Mule Cocktail. Mad March Hare Poitin is part of the family of Poitín {potcheen}, the world's first distilled beverage. The earliest records date back to 584. Irish whiskey is a direct descendant.
  • New Year's Champagne 2022 - Which champagne goes best with wreath cake?
    Which champagne goes best with kransekage? For many, champagne is an essential for New Year's Eve, and the golden drops often accompany welcome snacks, dinner and the obligatory wreath cake on the last night of the year. Champagne comes in many different varieties, and it's important to make sure that the chosen New Year's champagne matches the menu.
  • Pisco Sour Recipe
    Pisco Sour Opskrift - Try it on Pisco Sour Day. Pisco Sour, like Pisco, has its origins in South America, and more specifically Lima, Peru. The cocktail was invented by Victor Morris. He was an American who had moved to Peru in the early 1900s. Here he opened a bar that quickly became popular among the Peruvian elite and English-speaking foreigners.
  • Port & Tonic - Opskrift with Port Wine
    Port-Tonic Cocktail - A refreshing summer cocktail where the fruitiness of the Port wine interacts with the fresh lemon and Fevertree tonic.
  • Robert Burns - Burns Supper
    How did Burns Soups come to be? Get the story here
  • Sake Champagne Mojito
    Get the recipe at Sake Champagne Mojito. A fantastic variation of a Champagne Mojito that is refreshing and perfect for welcome drinks, both summer and winter
  • Samurai Rock (Sake Gimlet)
    Samurai Rock Cocktail - also known as Sake Gimlet. A simple and easy drink to make, but a drink that pleasantly surprises. Here is the recipe for a Samurai Rock Cocktail
  • Yellow Bicycle Cocktail

    Yellow Bicycle cocktail - light and delicious drink for this summer's Tour de France. A light, bubbly cocktail made with elderflower liqueur, yellow Chartreuse and sweet sparkling wine. All French ingredients that set the theme for this cocktail.
  • Food with Alcohol - A cookbook about spirits by Jan Ohrt
    This little cookbook that we have now launched is intended as a tribute to real food and good spirits. And by good spirits, we mean good spirits. Often, one might think that when something doesn't taste quite right, you can just pour it into the food. Nothing could be further from the truth.