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St Georges Whisky


St Georges Whisky

St. George’s distillery released the first legal English whisky in over a century in December 2009. Their single malt whiskies are released under The English Whisky Co., and each is given a chronological chapter number, although chapters 1-4 were not technically whiskies, not having been aged for the required minimum of 3 years.

The distillery, founded by James and Andrew Nelstrop, is situated near the Norfolk town of Thetford and began distilling on 12th December 2006.

  • English Single Malt Whisky
    Item no.: 22227865391-7037
    The English Original Single Malt Whisky 70 cl 43%

    This The English Original is aged to perfection in specially selected Bourbon Fade. It is an unpeated single malt whisky, which makes it a fantastic and easy-drinking classic.

    Distillery: St. George's Distillery
    Name: The English
    Age: NA
    Type: Single Malt Whisky
    Cask Number/Type: Bourbon Cask
    Alc. strength: 43 %
    Natural Colour
    70 cl.
    Other: The Original
    • 1pcs.
  • The Norfolk PX Mixed Spirit Drink 50 cl 20%
    Item no.: 059763-615-173
    The Norfolk PX Mixed Spirit Drink 50 cl 20%

    The English Whisky Co. matures some of their fine single malt whiskies in Pedro Ximenez Sherry Fade.
    These casks are filled with beautiful rich sherry before The English Whisky Co. take delivery so they decided to take the sherry too as it was too lovely to leave. Since arriving at St. George's, they added some of their single malt to it and left it in the cask to continue maturing.

    Distillery: St. George's Distillery
    Name: The Norfolk
    Age: NA
    Country: England
    Type: Mixed Spirit Drink
    Cask Number/Type: Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask
    Alc. strength: 20 %
    50 cl.
    • 1pcs.