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Peaty Whisky

Peaty Whiskey

On this page you will find our large selection of peaty whiskey. Peaty whiskeys are part of the many scotch whiskeys and come with their very own unique flavor and provide a fantastic new addition to your whiskey collection.

Peaty whiskey originates on the Scottish island of Islay. For generations, Islay has dried the barley used in whiskey over a peat bonfire, giving peaty whiskey its unique flavor.

You're never doubt if you're drinking a peaty whiskey from Islay, precisely because of the more powerful taste that's expressed due to the manufacturing process.

With us, you will find in this category a wide variety of world-famous peaty whiskey served in bars around the globe, including the amazing Laphroaig, the powerful Bowmore Tempest and many more. Whatever whiskey you prefer, we are positive that we can find a bottle and brand that fits your palate!