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Fruko Schulz Liqueur

Fruko Schulz Liqueur

Fruko-Schulz is one of the largest production companies of strong alcoholic liqueurs and beverages in the Czech Republic.

The company's history dates back to 1898, when contractor Moritz Schuls first opened a liquor factory specializing in liqueur and dessert wine in the city of Austro, Hungary.

The small specialized company with only 30 employees grew larger and larger, and the product range expanded over the years.

During World War II, the state took over the factory and continued to produce and sell dessert wines and fruit syrups, and in 1993 the factory was returned to Moritz Schulz's successors, who restored and modernized the family business to what we know today.

Today, Fruko Schulz produces more than 100 different brands of products, and the factory has a fantastic well-deserved reputation for being one of the most important producers in the country.

All beverages are of high quality and also have a very attractive package design.