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Destilleriet Als Whisky

Destilleriet Als Danish Whisky

The danish distillery Called: Destilleriet Als

Our "New Make"
Our New Make's journey starts long before the distillation.

Carefully selected Danish quality barley is malted in the malt factory at Fuglsang in Haderslev. A place and a brewery which has over a 150 years of  values, traditions and well regarded experience. The malt is then brewed by the finest craft beer brewers which we receive at our distillery on the island of Als.

In a slow heating process, the distillation is started by a copper boiler and after 8-10 hours, the distillation is complete. The cleanest drops are allowed to pass through the rectification chambers. In the nose, the fragrance of New Make has a distinctly malted scent with sweet notes of caramel and honey.
The heat from the spirit spreads rapidly in the mouth and to the palate in an broad and assertive way. When tasting our New Make it becomes clear to everyone that the taste has the potential to stay and become something immense and by all accounts memorable experience.

Our whiskey is stored for 39 months in selected Bourbon barrels. We expect the collaboration of the barrels will support the already existing notes of caramel, wood and vanilla.

Thomas Eje
The artist behind the painting used for our etiquette labels for our whiskey bottles is Thomas Eje, Thomas Eje is especially known for being part of the Line Three trio, which since 1979 has spread  joy and laughter to the Danish public.

Thomas was given a free assignment and after hearing the story about the collaboration with
*Fuglsang he jumped at the chance to work with an abstract bird motif.

Thomas' own words for the picture:
After thorough research with both Bourbon, blended and single malt I reached a visual
expression that could best describe the moment of enjoyment when consuming the noblest of drops. I am convinced that artistic freedom is not exclusively reserved for the artist himself.

Therefore, the viewer has 3 options for a title for the work: 1. "Delirium Tremens" 2. "It is

the male palms crazy "3." Push Paul, it's a closed party "

*Fuglsang; “birdsong”