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Yeni Raki Liqueur

Yeni Raki Liqueur

Raki has been in the Turkish consciousness for over 500 years. Distilled using grapes, raisins and aniseed, Raki was first referenced in literature in 1510. It was then widely distilled throughout the Ottoman Empire and it became known as Yeni Raki meaning "New Raki" to symbolize the coming of the new post-war era.

The rich heritage of Yeni Raki matches its rich flavor. With its tones of aniseed and distilled grapes, it is layered and dramatic. This flavor is created through a highly crafted distillation process. It is a skilled and timely process with the flavor and texture developing with each drop.

  • Yeni Raki Liqueur 70 cl 45%
    Item no.: 22227865378-10145
    Yeni Raki
    70cl / 45%

    Yeni is a traditional Turkish raki, distilled twice in copper alembics. Raki is frequently drunk with water, the addition of which causes it to throw a milky louche - in this form it is commonly refered to as 'aslan sutu', which translates as 'lion's milk'.

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