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Wolfrest Gin

Wolfrest Gin

Follow the wolf’s route from the central part of Italy to the Langhe Hills in the north, where the wild wolves have settled again. Wolfrest Gin takes you on a tasting journey through the wolves’ route.

Around 1920, the wild wolves from Northwest Italy disappeared. Farmers and hunters exterminated the wolves in and around Piedmont, and the natural Italian wolf survived only hardly and could for many years only exist in the Apennines, Central Italy. But from 1970, the Italian state began to protect the wolves, which resulted in the wild wolves starting to search the land. A few years ago, the wolves reached their hometown at the foot of Montelupo Albese, which can literally be translated into the “Ulvebjerget”. Today you can find the wolves walking freely in the forests, vineyards and among the hazelnut trees in the Langhe Hills area.

For Wolfrest Gin, the best Italian botanicals that the wolves met during the journey were selected to return to Piedmont. Wolfrest Gin is made with a selection of seven botanicals that all grow and are selected in the Italian nature. These herbs and fruits are typical of the Italian territory and the Mediterranean climate.

First of all, Umbrian juniper and Pernambucco oranges from the Liguria region have been added. The five other botanicals come from Piedmont, where this gin is also distilled.

The flowering notes found in the scent of this gin are from shrub leaves that grow wild in forests near lakes and rivers. The most distinctive flavor elements in the gill come from Langhe in northern Italy. Roasted hazelnuts from Langhe are among other things. helps to harmonize the beetle and fits perfectly with the addition of bay leaves, thyme and wild rosemary – all gathered in the area around Montelupo Albese (Ulvebjerget).

Wolfrest Gin is 100% Italian and bottled at 43% alcohol. Perfect companion to a dry tonic water with orange-garnish.

  • Wolfrest Distilled Dry Gin from Italy
    Item no.: 2222786539-8503
    Wolfrest Distilled Dry Gin Italiano 50 cl 43%

    Distillery: Wolfrest Distilled
    Name: Wolfrest Dry Gin
    Country: Italy
    Type: Dry gin
    50 cl.
    Alc. Strength: 43%
    Recommended Tonic: Indian Tonic Water
    Recommended Garnish: Orange
    • 1pcs.