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Samaroli Rum

Samaroli Rum

Samaroli is an Italian independent bottler, a legendary whisky selector and famed for the exceptional quality of their releases and for their artsy, innovative labels and packaging.

In 1992, after a 12 years period of enquiries in the tropical places, Silvano S. Samaroli started with the bottling of special lots of Rum in Scotland. His first Rum became a very successful 1948 West Indies Dark Rum. This was the start of a growing portfolio. I´ve read there`s only 4 bottles left of that rum. At this moment there are several beautiful Rums available that bear the name Samaroli. Since the Rums are all from just 1 big or small cask, all products by Samaroli are limited editions.

Demerara er en speciel rom-type der blev produceret i de engelske områder, primært i Guyana. Navnet kommer af det hollandske ”Demerary”, da det i første omgang var Hollænderne der sat på dette nordlige sydamerikanske territorium. Englænderne overtog området i 1796 og gjorde derved den lokale Demerara-rom til deres navy-rom