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Roca Patrón Tequila

Roca Patrón Tequila

In 1492 production of Roca Patrón started. This tequila gathers all the good from all tequila. They refine every year and can now present a Tequila made from only the best Weber blue agave with optimal sugar content. The heart of the agave (called Piña) is baked in small ovens to ensure uniform heat. Then it is crushed by a 2 ton heavy volcanic rock, Tahona and fermented for 3 days before being poured into handmade barrels in some cases where Reposado matures for 2 months and Añejo for up to 7 years.

Perfection continues all the way in the Portuguese cork stopper and to the 60 hands handling the raw materials during each production. Roca Patrón recycles waste from production, educates its staff, supports local vegetable vendors in Jalisco Mexico, and gives back to everything that makes them what they are today. hereby declares: It cannot not be more beautiful. It is a complete, optimal, single-molded and three-dimensional bottle delicacy. One would almost think it is
  • Roca Patron tequila ultra premium 100% Agave
    Item no.: 22227865479-10152
    Roca Patron Reposado Tequila
    70cl / 42%
    Mexico 100% Agave

    Roca Patrón Reposado
    Farve: Strålende krystallinsk, sart stråfarvet.
    Aroma: Sød vanilje, svage noter af smør, amerikansk eg, let krydret ingefær, bagt agave, citrus – flot afbalanceret
    Smag: Blød og sød, eg, vanilje, smør, friske frugter, ingefær, laramel, bagt agave, citrus, afbalanceret alkohol.
    Finish: Lang og kompleks
    • 1pcs.
  • Roca Patron tequila ultra premium 100% Agave
    Item no.: 22227865479-10151
    Roca Patron Silver Tequila
    70cl / 45%
    Mexico 100% Agave

    Roca Patrón Silver
    • 1pcs.