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La Mauny Rum

La Mauny Rum

Distilled in 2014 in column Creole-aged 30% in French oak casks and 70% in cognac casks. Maison La Mauny, one of the oldest distilleries in Martinique, enjoys an exceptional terroir. Its agricultural rum AOC Martinique owe their floral style, very elegant, has the quality of sugarcane but also has their distillation in two columns remained. In terms of ageing, Daniel Baudin, the famous master of Chai, cultivates this elegance by giving the beautiful part of the French oak casks.

The collection of La Maison du Rhum, which brings together some of the most reputable distilleries in their countries, is made up of exceptional bottlings from all over the world. Through the many origins, whether it is a rum, a rhum or a Ron derived from pure cane juice or molasses, there are different traditions of know-how. The various characteristics of rum are also expressed through the techniques and personalities of the Master distillers.