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La Maison Penet Champagne


La Maison Penet Champagne

Maison Penet is both a prestigious place and the culmination of ancestral expertise in Champagne, inviting connoisseurs and epicurians to experience a unique tasting emotion via authentic vintages with strong character: Alexandre Penet & Penet-Chardonnet Champagnes. This personality and an exceptional level of quality is translated into ranges of zero or low dosage Champagnes, unique in the world of sparkling wines. Champagne Alexandre Penet: freshness and indulgence for all palettes.

The vintages in the Alexandre Penet range are the entrance door to the world of Extra-Brut and Brut Nature Champagnes. Oenologist Alexandre Penet has created a range of high quality Champagnes, exclusively with zero or low dosage, which combine character, finesse and freshness while remaining accessible to as many epicureans as possible. Alexandre Penet, a complete range of aperitif Champagnes. Champagne Penet-Chardonnet: A unique Champagne for epicurians who are seeking rareity, authenticity and perfection. Great Champagnes de Terroir made exclusively from our 6-ha family vineyards in Verzy and Verzenay, with 100% Grand Cru classification.

A unique style, comining strong personality and great minerality. An exceptional purity thanks to the zero or low dosage, that marries very well with gourmet cuisine. Attention to detail and the idea of luxury via a refined design combining authenticity and sensuality.
  • Laguiole Champagne Sabre 28 cm
    Item no.: 22227865423147347-2021
    Laguiole Champagne Sabre 28 cm

    Beautifully crafted champagne sabre of 28 cm in a beautiful wooden box. The Laguiole La Roque champagne sabre is a classic champagne sabre.
    Since champagne sabres are not sharp, you do not need a firearms license to use a champagne sabre. If you want to use your champagne sabre for decorative purposes, such as hanging it in your home bar or on your living room wall, you will need a firearms license for the collection of blank weapons from the police.
    • 1pcs.
  • Penet-Chardonnet Champagne Grand Cru Terroir & Sence Extra Brut 75 cl 12
    Item no.: 22227865479-18260
    Penet-Chardonnet Champagne Grand Cru Terroir & Sence Extra Brut

    Manufacturer: Penet-Chardonnet
    Name: Penet-Chardonnet Grand Cru Terroir & Sence Extra Brut
    Country: France
    Type: French Champagne
    Alc. strength: 12 %
    75 cl.

    Residual sugar 3,5 gr/l
    • 1pcs.