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Justin Boxler wine


Domaine Justin Boxler

Like most wine estates in Alsace, the domaine Justin Boxler estate continues the tradition from father to son. The most significant developments have been made since 1957 to the present day.

The first bottling was initiated by Justin Boxler. Subsequently, Anne et Pierre collaborated in the evolution of the company. Inducing a new breath on the technical and commercial level. In short, his children settled in EARL. This has contributed to the extension of the domain. Hence, a new cellar, new cultivation practices, a new cellar, and a new visual identity.

This modernization drive is being continued today by the rising generation. Thus, the first act was to carry out the « Organic » conversion of the domain from 2019. The 2022 vintage will be the first certified « AB » (Organic Agriculture).

To date, the vineyard area of the Justin Boxler estate is 12 hectares. It is spread over 5 communal bans : Katzenthal (5 ha), Niedermorschwihr (4,70 ha), Ingersheim (1 ha), Turckheim (0,80 ha) and finally Ammerschwihr (0,60 ha). The whole is divided into 80 different plots. However, the plots are never more than 8 km from the property.

Niedermorschwihr is one of the smallest vineyards in Alsace. A large part of the cultivated areas are located in Katzenthal, an adjoining village. Also, the historic birthplace of a branch of the Boxler family.