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Ron Mulata de Cuba Silver Dry Rum 38%

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Destilleri: Ron Mulata de Cuba Silver Dry
Alder: NA
Type: Lys rom
Alc. styrke: 38 %
70 cl.
Palma Mulata rom er inspireret af cubansk identitet og kultur. Kvinden Mulata findes overalt i Cubas historie som et symbol på skønhed. Varemærket Mulata blev lanceret i 1993, og blev taget godt imod af den lokale befolkning, da man producerer efter originale produktionsmetoder og anvender lokale råvarer. Mulata rom laves af mesterdestillatøren Tecnoazucar, som udelukkende distillerer på cubansk sukkerrørssirup og efterfølgende lagrer rom'en på hvide (amerikanske) egefade. MULATA er et af de få rom mærker, der kan benytte den oprindelige betegnelse Rom.

Silver Dry er en klar, hvid rom med en let, naturlig sødme, der er karakteristisk for rom. Palma Mulata Rom Silver Dry er ideel til diverse cocktails - både de klassiske såvel som de spændende nye.

Drinks forslag:

Strawberry Daiquiry

4 cl. Palma Mulata Rom Silver Dry
3 cl. limejuice
3 cl. Marie Brizard Sirop de Fraise (jordbær)
5 friske jordbær

Alle ingredienser blendes med is

Palma Mulata Rum is inspired by the Cuban identity and culture. Mulata is present in all of Cuba’s history as a symbol of beauty and ardour. She is a reflection of the Cuban pride with her smile, her natural beauty and her hospitality. The centennial recipe of Palma Mulata Rum has been passed on for generations from rum masters. The art of making a unique rum combined with ancient sugar traditions and the ageing in oak barrels for years bring out the highest quality of rum for the delight of the most exquisite palates. Palma Mulata Rum is marketed all over the world with great acceptance which truly underlines the undeniable quality of Palma Mulata Rum.

Palma Mulata Rum Silver Dry:
- offers a light and soft sweetness on the palate combined with a bright, clean and transparent colour – so pure, so simple. It is ideal for the new and surprising cocktails as well as the classic ones.

Palma Mulata Rum Blanco Reserva – 3 years:
This light amber coloured rum offers a bouquet of light mature spirit, and the slightly perceptible sweetness is in balance with the subtle bitter hint which leaves a soft hot feeling in the throat. The crystalline texture of the 3 year-old Palma Mulata Rum adds to the enjoyment of the spirit - be it on the rocks or as an ingredient in a classic Cuban cocktail.

Palma Mulata Rum Añejo Reserva – 5 years:
The sweet and fruity aromas of this 5 year-old Palma Mulata Rum Añejo Reserva combined with the shiny amber colour leave the senses intrigued. The ageing in oak barrels gives a smooth well balanced rum that is outstanding to be enjoyed neat or mixed. It is especially recommended in a “Cuba Libre”.

Palma Mulata Rum Añejo Gran Reserva – 7 years:
This dark amber coloured rum is mature in its bouquet that is persistent and soft as it lands on the palate. Notes of dry fruit underline the wood that turn into a sweet almond hint
in the finish. It is well balanced bitter-sweet on the palate as the aromas of aged brandy reach the nose. It can be enjoyed in a cocktail but is also very suitable to be enjoyed neat.
Palma Mulata Elixir de Cuba is an amber-coloured spiced rum with complex aromas of dry fruits such as raisins, plums and nuts. The flavour is sweet and persistent, wrapping
itself deliciously around your palate. Enjoy it neat, chilled or mixed with for instance cola.
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