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Pampero Seleccion 1938 Ron Anejo Venezuela Rum 40%

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Distillery: Pampero Selecion 1938 Ron Anejo Age: NA Type: Venezuela Alc. strength: 40% 70cl Other:
Pampero Selección 1938 70cl / 40% An Añejo rum from Venezuelan company Pampero. This rum has been extensively aged in oak barrels, giving it a fantastic dark gold colour. A little background about Pampero rum... Pampero was created in 1938 by by the son of a fisherman Alejandro Hernandez. Hernandez original recipe introduced a distillation process unique to Venezuela. Hernandez harvested the finest sugar cane only in the incredibly humid dry season, to produce a smoother cut of alcohol. This alcohol blended with the local Carbonero spring water creates a distinctive deep, complex intense spirit with a surprisingly smooth rounded flavor. Pampero set the standard for rum production in Venezuela, and is proudly the first rum to be accredited 'Anejo', by the Venezuelan government.
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