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Whisky Cask


Whisky Casks

Would you like your own whisky cask? Then take a look at this page where has a selection of whisky casks.

Our whisky cask can store whisky, rum or whatever you want. You can find the casks in various materials, including both in Hungarian and French oak. The casks are also available in different sizes, price ranges and designs.

A good whisky should at least be in a whisky cask for 3 years, and there is something very special about having your own whisky cask. You can follow your whisky from start to finish, and then it is great to have on display.

So if you want your own whisky casks, take a look below. If you want more information about the different casks, you can simply click on the pictures for more information.
  • Ron Millonario Whisky Barrel 3 liters - with steel tap
    Item no.: 059763-615-195
    Beautiful barrel from Ron Millonario, with a steel tap.
    This fine barrel can be used to age whisky, rum, or whatever you decide to age in it.

    Producer: Ron Millonario
    Type: Chestnut wood 3 liters (empty)

    It should be soaked in water for a minimum of 24 hours before use.
    • 1pcs.